Thursday, March 17, 2011

Funding, Part 2

They don't tell you that, in your doctoral program, not only are you learning to be a researcher, educator, leader-type, but also a salesman of self. You must learn to present yourself and your ideas in a way that people will want to give you money -- so you can do your research, so you can share your ideas, so you can keep your job. I find it a bit difficult because I'm not used to presenting myself in that way. Writing a convincing CV is one thing, but writing a however-page-long-grant expounding on the worthiness of your work and your ideas is quite another. Especially if you're not 100% convinced it is a good idea. Let me rephrase that: My idea is a good one, but it just might not be a good idea for everyone. Knowing that, I've now got to make sure that I can make a legitimate argument that it is, indeed, the idea of all ideas, profound, knowledge-producing, earth-shattering, game-changing, and just plain awesome. Whew, that's a tall order....especially for a second semester graduate student.

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