Wednesday, January 12, 2011


One by one, instructors are starting to post syllabi, coursework, schedules, and assignments on Blackboard. I admit, it's somewhat exciting. I'm sitting here planning out the semester to see where I'll be swamped by readings and assignments, and where I will be able to take a breather.

I also admit, that I am moderately excited to take the statistics course. While I may regret that statement in a few more weeks, right now I feel pretty good about stats. Last semester's stats class was okay...even though it felt almost like a self-taught course. And maybe because of the fact I was able to complete the course with my sanity intact, despite hours of frustration, expletives, and elevated blood pressure, I am hopeful for the next level. Also, the stats book looks pretty exciting. Yes, I did say the word stats and exciting in one sentence. Don't believe me? Click on one of my links on the right there...the one on the author of the stats book. At least he has a healthy sense of humor.

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